A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Hey everyone, this is our game Will Survive. It’s a survival arcade where you are Will, a lumberjack who accidentally treads on some mysterious mushrooms in the woods. After that, he begins to have visions of monsters hidden in the shadows. Is it just his imagination or some terrible danger really lurking? Discover playing Will Survive!


  • Kleber Tangioni (artist): 


  • Danielle Serranú (sound designer and composer): 


  • Denilson Soares (programmer):


  • Thomas Lessa (artist and programmer): 



Will Survive RAR 27 MB
Will Survive ZIP 30 MB


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Pretty neat game, the animations were charming and the game played well, but it was a bit too simple and got repetitive, though seeing as this was made for a game jam, I'd say it's pretty well done :)

i like that game with my friends! thanks for this awesome game :D


The game doesnt work on macOS i looked into the game files on why it didnt launch and it turned out that it downloaded the windows version for some reason and i clearly hit the download macOS version, fix this please?

Me and my sister used to play this game, we used to rush to the computer to play it the nostalgia❤️💙. Fireboy and Watergirl 2 game on hudgames so cool.

Nice music.
I liked it, but I felt it WAY too easy. The game has plenty of potential for more challenges and more complexity.
Good work.

Great music, great art design!   Perfect for in between    :D

i coudnt play it because when i downloaded the mac version it said that it was the pc version

Hey I played it, i think everything is almost there, but game mechanics are way too simple. Its just missing an extra step of depth.


Great music, but a little lacking in gameplay. I feel as though the concept of the game can be expanded upon, like maybe the monsters try and attack you and you have to build defences with some of the wood you collect.

I love the GIFs, but unfortunaly the .rar can't be unzipped for now :<

Wait what, It seems to be working fine. We will see what we can do to fix it so you can enjoy our experience aswell. <3